How to be a mobile manufacturer - Logically(Full Tutorial summarized)

***To being a mobile manufacturer is not so easy but if you started it, it not so hard.
***You need only Money, Money, Money and more Money - be logical
*** You have to manufacture the devices from China (I'm sure it is good) because it is very costly to buy and install manufacturing machines in your country and doing it by your own.

This is very summarized version but fully teachable...

i)  You have to decide which phone do you want to make... e.g. Smartphone, Feature-phone etc
    I recommend you to choose Smartphone more specifically Android.
ii) You have to contact OEM's for manufacturing your devices. (A well know OEM is cnoemphone)
iii) The design and specifications are very dependable for your brand....
iv) If you want your custom specificiations for your phone then your OEM will cost more money for         making the design successfull(for expample it is abot $15000)
v) The IMEI number - You have to register imei for every slot of sim card(in common word, you              have to buy them) - BABT is a good imei registrer as my suggestion.
vi) The System UI - most commonly the OEM also does the system customizing service, for it you           may cost extra.
vii) Importing them to your country - The mail service depens on you that which you choose.
viii) The packaging of them - It is profitable to package it localy by yourself.
ix) Distribution - It is the most important part, You have to distrubute all everywere your country(e-          Commerce site is more profitable).
x) Advertisement - If customers did not heard your barnd's name before then they will not buy your          phone, so ad is the second most important part.

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