How to fix dead pc-mainboard in home without anything.

Motherboard deads maybe for many problem, but you can't say it is dead because any mainboard can be fixed.

It cause by many problems like(Some of them):-

  • Slot of the RAM - by installing ram on other slot may fix it.
  • Connection of RAM - by rubbing softly on the tooth of the ram connector by eraser may fix it.
  • Unplugged cables of SMPS - after working on cpu you may didn't plugged all plugs check it well.
  • Heatsink of processor.

Heatsink of processor may be wasted. You can fix it by pasting toothpaste on it.

  1. First open the CPU Fan(On many computer you may have problems to opening it. First rotate the four locks clockwise and pull.
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  2. Then under the compressor you will see the CPU Thermal Paste on it.
  3. clean it fully.
  4. Then paste toothpaste on it neatly.
  5. Then clean the paste on processor.(handle it carefully)
  6. Then place the processor and fan on it place.
  7. then try to star the pc.

Good Luck

If problem does not solves try by Google-ing

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