A letter to friend for dying of his/her father


Dear friend, 
               I can not believe that your father is no more. The news is like bolt from thunder to      me. Only few days ago I had received many notes from your father. He gave me lots of            great advice. But how hardly the death snatched him from us! We know that last year he        had simple stroke. But he was brightful and strong. He was a very kind-hearted to me so        the news is like my loss. May his soul rests in peace.

              You know that prescript can not be erased. Though I also know that word can not          satisfy. "Heart know hearts pain".  At this sorrowful moment we go very alone. But word is    not only word when it's eagerly said with heart. I can only believe in recovery power of            time and pray to the god for the power which will help you to tolerate the unfortunate.

AiKON'S Style

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