Modem configuration of BSNL broadband

Channel Configuration

The DSL WAN connection can be separated virtually into multiple channels by assigning different VPI/VCI in each Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC). In each PVC you can also set the connection protocol to be PPP, Dynamic IP, Static IP or Bridge mode. 

Note : The "Connect" and "Disconnect" button will be enable only when the connect type of PPPoE and PPPoA is "Manual"

Default Route Selection:  Auto Specified  

VPI: 8   VCI: 35         Encapsulation: LLC
Channel Mode:         Enable NAPT:
Enable IGMP:   

PPP Settings:
User Name:Password:
Type:Idle Time (min):

WAN IP Settings:
Type:Fixed IPDHCP
Local IP Address:Remote IP Address:
Default Route:DisableEnable  Auto

AiKON'S Style

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