As I told I do not gives fake wishes you no need to search more

Unlimited Disk Space 
Unlimited Traffic 
Unlimited Domains 
Free Sitebuilder 
Full Cpanel 
Unlimited Databases

For which I am telling you about that gives free Shared hosting with C-panel there have a trick

If you read my other posts you can get free domain.

Now get the trick- Go to the free domain registration site
=> Enter your desired address and hit go.
=> choose forward this domain option and enter any know domain like
=> choose registration length 12 months to get long time activated.
=> Continue with sign up.
=> If you have Google account sign in using it either choose another services from choose another or         something and if you also did find any service you have account in it  Use your email address to signup! from down.
=> after sign up go to and register.
=> go to account overview.
=> under cilent area banner choose order new service from my services tab.
=> choose Free Unlimited Hosting.
=> choose I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers .
=> Hit complete order.
=> you will get a confirmation message.
=> go to your domain name providers website.
=> Sign in.
=> go to domain panel.
=> Hot modify on your domain which you gave in
=> Choose   
=> enter
=> add new .
=> Enter ''
=> Add new
=> Enter ''.
=> Add new
=> Enter ''.
=> Add new
=> Enter ''.
=> Hit Save Changes
=> Check for order confirmation from GUHAT.COM My Services
=> Now after activation you will get all Unlimited. I gurantee.

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